Volts Energies


Volts Energies is a company recognized for its innovation and focuses on the design and manufacture of energy efficient systems; they aim to constantly improve their products and services. The development and design of energy systems is a passion that is shared by the entire team of Volts Energies. The difference with their generator sets from other power sources are the low fuel consumption, strength to meet different loads and engines with longer life time. Due to its characteristics, their generator sets are very reliable and are used in various fields of industry and manufacturing. The use of modern materials and the latest designs provide high quality products.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy


Volts Energies wants to help exploration companies that operate off the grid reduce their fuel costs. The Quebec-based company has been building custom generators for exploration companies so they can recoup and reuse the heat generators emit.

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Sebastien Caron

Volts Energies voit vert


Le développement durable est au cœur des préoccupations de Sébastien Caron, président et fondateur de Volts Energies qui conçoit et fabrique des systèmes d’énergies efficaces.

L’entreprise, située sur l’avenue des Industries à deux pas du carrefour, de l’autoroute 440 et de la route 125, célèbrera ses 10 ans de fondation l’an prochain. C’est par pur hasard que Sébastien Caron s’est lancé dans cette aventure.

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