Renewable Energy

L solenoid-12/24 V DC-250A

Product Description

  • Hermetically sealed contacts / vaporproof
  • Ignition protected – safe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats
  • Activated by an ON-OFF switch mounted anywhere
  • integrated coil control minimizes heating and amperage draw
  • 450 Amp Class
  • Designed for 12 or 24 Volt systems
  • Ignition protected — safe for installation aboard gasoline-powered boats
  • Activated by a low amperage ON-OFF switch mounted anywhere

* version française à venir

Additional Information


Blue Sea System


Accesoires énergie renouvelable

  • Development Durable
  • Our partners :
  • partenaire decotech
  • FCEI
  • Trees for the Future
  • Chamber de commerce
  • Cegep De Jonquier
  • Association does professionels
  • Chamber de commerce Du Montreal metro
  • APQ
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